About Me …

I’m a fifty-something (that’s all you’re getting) gal who is a frustrated communicator.  I figure being over 50 makes me an ‘Elder’, and aren’t Elders supposed to communicate their great wisdom to anyone who will listen?

I am full of stories that want to be told so I thought I’d put my toe in the water and start ‘expressing’ and see how it goes.

I’ve been doing heavy slogging in the emotional processing area for over 30 years and am very interested in anything woowoo.  The stranger the better (to a point).  I love the idea of alternative living, thinking outside the box, and believing in the possibility of magic.  I believe the world is on the verge of radical change, and feel myself to be part of ‘the first wave’.  Hopefully I can stay on my surfboard!

Blogs are probably going to become more ‘daring’ as I get comfortable with my self expression.  Hope you find them interesting, and THANK YOU for reading.






2 thoughts on “About Me …”

  1. Hi Jean. I love this theme… The Chateau


  2. Jean Mary Elizabeth said:

    hi Marty. yes, very classy.


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