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A few years ago I clear-cut a small garden bed I had thinking I would be ambitious enough to start a new environment there. I cut back all the indigenous plants, judging them as weeds.

Then I noticed a lone salamander wandering across the barren plane looking for his missing family. I had stepped on the hole in the ground where it’s den was and buried it’s family. I watched it come back again and again, wandering, looking for it’s family.

This was actually a very deep lesson for me to see what kind of effect my denied sensitivity had on this small creature who had made a home in the so called ‘weeds’ of my garden. I saw and experienced this as a huge metaphor.

Recently my interest in getting my hands back into the soil has been revitalized. I am in the middle of a big shift in my relationship to abundance and have begun to see and acknowledge the abundance in front of my very eyes which I have been blind to.

I am gardening differently now; slower, with more thought and using more of my intuition. If I feel indecisive or uncertain of my next move, I stop, take a rest and let myself sort out what I want to do next, waiting for my desire to rise to lead the way.

I had pots of plants on my too hot at times deck. None were doing very well. Suddenly, my partially shady yard looked like the perfect environment to nurture the mixed light and shade these plants seemed to need, especially with our increasingly hot weather. Suddenly, I realized I had a whole nursery of plants waiting for a new home. Suddenly I opened to the abundance around me that was waiting to be seen and acknowledged.

Today as I opened my patio umbrella I noticed a small tree frog. I gently cupped it in my hands and transplanted it to the little pool of water in my garden, where it drank heartily before hopping out and moving on. I think I am ready to forgive myself for not knowing better, for listening to my Spirit but not including my Will / intuition when clear cutting my garden. I feel I got a chance to karmically correct one of my mistakes, and a chance to see ‘the bigger picture’.

May my garden be a safe haven and a nurturing environment for plants and little beasties, and may I grow, learn, and evolve and be a better stewart for Mother Earth. Make it so!