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Poverty has me by the short and curly’s.
Poverty has me awake in the night
legs aching
and praying for a miracle

Poverty has me cleaning up my act
exercising more
and looking at Craigslist contemplating a minimum wage job.

Poverty has me cleaning out my cupboards
eating less
and contemplating food stamps.

Poverty has my Heart breaking more easily
giving dollar bills to street people
and feeling compassion for those worse off.

Poverty has me dealing with my jealousy
of people taking trips to Hawaii.

Poverty has me facing my deathwish
that feeling of lying on the floor
and not getting up again.

Poverty has me making more art
more music
appreciating the library
using less gas
being more co-operative with my partner
and not taking so much for granted.

Poverty has it’s ups
and it’s down’s.