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I am working my way through an interesting book called Sound Healing with the Five Elements by Daniel Perret. He has been working with the healing elements of music for many years.

In the book he talks about feeling the vibrational aspect of music in your body. All of life is based on vibration, and music vibrates the ethers at different frequencies. Different instruments vibrate different frequencies. For instance, drums vibrate our lower chakras, or the lower parts of our bodies, and flutes vibrate the upper frequencies.

We all have an electromagnetic aura, and music vibrates our aura. If we have a blockage in a part of our body, or an injury that is blocking the flow of energy in our body, it will show up in our aura. Listening to music of different frequencies helps to vibrate those blocked areas and get them physically moving.

I’ve been listening to a variety of different instrumental music for the past month, experiment with going into my body and really feeling the music. It has been an intensely interesting experience. Mostly I have been listening to New Age genre instrumental music. Peter Kater has been big on my list of music that I love. He plays intuitive piano, and is often accompanied by singular instruments, like flutes, oboe, cello or guitar. I have been allowing myself to experiment with how much pleasure I experience in my body in response to it.

What I have found here is guilt. Massive guilt that says ‘don’t go there’, and fear that if I open to pleasure the consequences will be dire. This makes total sense to me having been raised Catholic and punitively towards body pleasures. So I have been experimenting with feeling the pleasure, and how deep it goes, but also allowing myself to vibrate the terror. It’s important not to go past guilt without vibrating the terror, otherwise it is possible to manifest a reversal.

Mostly, I have been feeling an increasing sense of joy and well being. It is absolutely notable, and it has also been steady. I have noticed a great desire to get my daily fix. After I have been out working or engaged in the outer world, I love to come home, lie on the floor in a peaceful warm place, put on the music, and ‘go in’. Absolutely yummy.

I have also been listening to nature sounds. For the past several nights I have put on ocean, lake and flowing creek sounds. I have slept like a baby and felt energized and happy in the morning. I clued into the water as a auric cleanser when I came home feeling very grumpy and depressed, and laid down and listened to ocean sounds. Within a half hour I felt re-energized. It was quite a significant experience. That was when I started playing the ocean sounds at night.

There is a music website called Songza where you can easily tap into these recorded nature sounds.

The book talks about music healing the 5 elements of the body …. earth, water, fire, air and space, and that playing or listening to certain instruments can balance the elements in your body that may be missing or out of balance. I feel my water element is out of balance due to a variety of reasons, so I am hoping for some healing through listening to water sounds. I will let you know how that goes over time.

All in all, music is an inexpensive, easily accessible form to tap into, with no negative side effects, and may increase the happiness quotient in your life as it seems to be doing to mine, and hopefully, also help with your health issues. Sounds and feels like a win-win to me.