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I love legumes, but sometimes they don’t love me. I have tried soaking beans for 48 hours in water and vinegar, and still the flatulance followed me. Then a friend mentioned recently that his Ex used baking soda when soaking beans and he had no problems with gas. This was totally new information to me. How come, after 30 years of cooking beans this is the first time I had heard of it? Life is like that sometimes.

So I tried it. 24 hours of soaking with a tbsp of baking soda (though I think now try 1 tsp instead), then I rinsed the beans and brought them to a boil in fresh water. I was amazed at the crud coming off them, way more than usual. Well surprise surprise. The alkaline end works on beans.

Do skim the crud off though, and they’ll be lots of it. The beans cooked up faster than usual and not one fart. Really.

Try it. You’ll be pleased with the results.