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I had an interesting experience the other day that I would like to share. I was walking a couple of dogs I am care-taking down the country road behind where I live. People let their dogs roam free in this area, and I am generally ok with that, but these two little dogs are rather dysfunctional as they were rescues and were on the lam for a long time as puppies and were very terrified. They are easily triggered into their fight imprints when other dogs are around and almost always go snakey.

i was walking them down a section of the road where I haven’t run into free roaming dogs, but as fate would have it, there was very large dog off leash there with his owner. The big dog approached the two little dogs and my dogs when in ‘kill or be killed’ mode, which triggered the big dog into his fight imprints.

One of my little dogs got out of his collar and started running away.  I went chasing after him with the other dog on leash.  He just kept running and running.  I tried everything … my nice voice, my commanding voicing, my screaming voice, and he just kept running.

I then realized that I was living my dream.  Sometimes in my dreams everything is going wrong for me.  I have developed a technique where I just start to scream in my dreams, no matter who is around.  About 95% of the time, things start to change for me and I get what I want.  So there I was, running after this dog, afraid of him getting close to the main road, afraid of losing him for good, and I realized I was living my dream (and not in a good way).  So I just let myself screech, and swear and express very loudly.  There was no one around so there was no embarrassing, shaming reflection for this behaviour.  The dog stopped, I knelt down, and he returned to me.  I was very very happy with this outcome.

I came home and felt I had moved through something important.  I really feel moving emotional rage can open portals of energy that are stuck in a negative pattern.  Like an energetic door that is stuck closed and blocked, looking like there are no solutions and no way out.  After all, don’t we want our lives to work in a way that is pleasing to us?  Don’t we want to live our Dreams, but in the best of ways?

So next time you are in a frustrating place in your dreams, try screaming and raging.  And of course, you can do it in real reality too, just be careful where you do it so you don’t get a shaming reflection to shut you down.  Rage is a very judged form of energy movement, and it doesn’t need more judgement than it already has.