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I bleed now
It’s a full time job
But my job is to not stop the flow
My job is to end the denial
Of how I bleed

Big. Red. Heavy.
A constant flow now that can’t be stopped
By my usual devices
May as well relax now
Into the river of blood
That flows from me
The dams are overflowing
There ain’t no band-aid big enough for this

And I see you
I see you Bleeders
Trying to keep it all under wraps
Still wearing your platform shoes
And your fancy hats
Still holding onto the last vestiges
Of the image you created of yourself
Before you die

And the animals
Oh, the animals
They have never dressed
Or covered their wounds
They lick them bloody
They suffer silently
Their sad eyes
Staring at me
Know there is nothing I can do
To stop the flow
Sad for themselves
Sad for me

I am lying in the pool of blood
of my Heartbreak
We are one now
I have never wanted to feel this
I have run from this pain
Hiding behind corners
Peeking out
Letting love go
Walking away
Rather than stay and feel
What must be felt
But there is no running anymore

It bleeds from me now
This open wound of despair
‘Tis a good day to bleed
This Virgo Full Moon