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Sunday morning, lounging on the couch, listening to Chopin Noctures.   Ahhhhhh. Sunny day, reasonably well slept, feeling good. Do you know I have NEVER done this? I can hear all the judgemental voices in my head;  Lazy. Wasting time. Unproductive. How in heavens did those voices get there?

Parental values instilled in me. Being rewarded for accomplishing something. Societal rewards for achieving.  A whole culture that says you have to earn the time to relax. You have to ‘deserve’ your relaxation time.

Well you know, I don’t believe it.  I think it’s manipulative programing to keep the working classes ‘productive’. But it is so deeply culturally ingrained that we can’t see it.  It’s been with us from birth. We are born into this programming so it’s an insidious voice within us that drives us subconsciously. It keeps us getting up in the morning to that alarm clock, driving miles to work, working long days going past our body needs, driving home, passing out in front of the tv, drinking too much wine to relax, or taking sleeping pills, in order to be able to sleep at night because our adrenals are so stressed from overworking.   Our body is working against us, always in panic, always in fight or flight.

Body never really gets a chance to rest and recover, diseases creep up upon us, and then we die. And we call this ‘life’.

You can bet those fat cat rich one percent aren’t bustin’ their butts the way we are. No. That’s our job.

Keep you doped with religion and sex and TV
And you think you’re so clever and classless and free
But you’re still fucking peasants as far as I can see

Yeah.  John Lennon could see the game;  Words from ‘Working Class Hero’.

However, the hard part is waking up to the voice that is instructing us in our head, driving us subconsciously.  I look for judgements against myself that need to be released. Here’s some I came up with.

I have to work all the time in order to survive.
If I don’t work all the time I’ll end up on the street.
I have to work till the day I die.
If I relax I am lazy.
I can’t afford to relax.
I am trapped and there is no way out.
I have no choice in the matter.
It’s my destiny to be poor and struggling.

These are a very small example of some of the judgements you may find in yourself. Judgements create reality. If you are holding judgements against yourself, that is working subconsciously to create the very world around you. Releasing judgements will help to break up the mental pattern that is creating the reality. Emotional movement is the other half of it. If you get triggered into emotions around doing this, please allow yourself to let these emotions express in sound and body movement … grief, terror, rage, hopelessness, whatever comes up in terms of feelings.

Judgement release sounds something like this;

I now release the judgement that if I don’t work every minute of my life, I won’t be able to keep my head above water.

Or, I now release the judgement and forgive myself for believing for so long that I am bad if I am not constantly working to accomplish something.

Or, I have no value if I am not constantly working to accomplish something.

Deeply allowing ourselves to relax regularly does wonders for our whole being. It allows our muscles to relax so circulation improves. This allows more blood to the entire body, including your brain. This assists the body in healing on every level. It also allows more of God’s light into your body to help you. Saying the words ‘God, fill me with your loving light ‘ is very helpful too.

And now, back to relaxing on the couch with my friend Chopin.
Happy Sunday morning good people.