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xmas lightsIt helps to see experiences that trigger you emotionally as opportunities for healing. Getting yourself into this mindset sets you up with an attitude and intention that you will receive something beneficial from something that will probably be emotionally painful.

And lets face it; there are very few of us that really want to face the painful areas of our life. Most of us (dare I say) would rather run for the hills than face what ails us.

As things continue to escalate on Earth at this time, we, as well as the Earth, will be going through an emotional and physical cleansing and clearing. So hang onto your hat and prepare for the marathon, cause its-a-coming. It will be different for everyone based on who they are, what they are holding, and how much responsibility they carry. I can say this; it won’t be Dullsville. Or who knows, maybe for some it will be. I cannot predict.

Christmas can be a real crisis time for people, especially single people. It’s that time where we are really forced to feel our denied disappointments. Xmas, New Years, and birthdays used to be the hardest for me. I was brought up with big family ta-do’s at Xmas, lots of presents and food and relatives. When I moved away from family 14 years ago, i would always have a major crisis at Xmas. It was like going through withdrawls. Now, i usually have to work at Xmas, so I have gotten used to a very low key time, but for years it was very painful. I am thankful to be through that now for the most part, but I see major pain in many people and my heart goes out to them. There is nothing easy about what we are forced to feel sometimes.

I have been emotionally moving my stuff for over 30 years intensively now. I wish I could tell you it gets easier. In some ways it does, and in some ways the depths I plum get much harder. I suppose that balances it out somehow.

If I were to give any advise here (and I am a person with no shortage of advice to give 🙂 …i would say this:  Move as much as possible on the little triggers instead of waiting for them to become big triggers. That means little niggly feelings that are more like irritations than triggers. This tends to be stuff that you may normally ignore, dismiss or judge as ‘unimportant’. This is a rich goldmine of denied material, denied denials. If you get this little stuff moving, you may be able to head the big stuff off ‘at the pass’.

And that is my advise to anyone who wishes to read my missive on this Xmas day. Have a happy-as-possible Merry Xmas.