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cosmosMost of us have a gaping hole inside of us. You can feel it around your 3rd chakra, or solar plexus. It feels like an empty, painful place, and most of us are in avoidance of feeling this place; anything not to feel this place. We stuff it with food, alcohol, drugs, television, technology, sex, even pets … whatever avoidance techniques we have in place to fill this empty space.

As the evening comes into being, I especially feel this place. Try a little exercise. Next time you want to look at your iphone, or turn on your computer, or turn to the TV, or eat some chocolate, or have that 2nd helping of food you know your body does not need, just stop and be in that uncomfortable place. Feel into your belly. What do you feel? Do you feel fear? Commit to sitting with that feeling for a while, and see what it has to tell you.

Does this feeling have a sound?  If you were to make a sound from this place, what would it be?  Allow yourself to do this and see what comes out.

This gaping wound we all have, that we feel but cannot see, is something that has very early origins.  It goes back to the beginning of time, the time when the magnetic and electric forces of nature, call them The Original Mother, The Magnetic, and the Original Father, the Electric, came together as a colloidal force, like two seas of essence merging.  Some parts of this collidal force merged and harmonized, and others produced what we know now as ‘The Big Bang’.  The explosion that occurred from these colloidal forces damaged us all.  Some parts of the essence that came together were damaged greatly, and others experienced more of a warping.

We hold within us the original pain of this experience.  Where were you in that original sea of essence?  Were you more in the upper chakras and experienced a warping?  Or were you part of the lower chakra essence that got the brunt of the explosion?  You carry around within you this original experience, and you repeat this experience life after life.  And this gaping hole within you is what your essence surrounds.  Yes, this is serious stuff.

And how to heal this?  By feeling into it, little by little.  By becoming conscious of your avoidance patterns.  By responding emotionally in sound with tears, terror, rage and the grief it brings up in you.  No small feat.  For those that are ready to move into this now, what you do to heal the gaping hole inside of you will contribute to the healing of the Earth, and the entire Creation.  Yes, you are that important, and that powerful.