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10426783_901334666545212_7858310281209798850_nI’m laughing. sort of. i was so thrilled that after 14 years of having no medical coverage, i was fully covered (so to speak) last march. it came in very handy after i fell off a pogo stick in april and fractured my elbow. i felt like i was getting away with something having my medical costs fully covered.

but now i realize and have experienced the limitations of my coverage. Obamacare coverage is for extremes. if you have polyps growing in your nose, a punctured ear drum, or cancer, you will probably get pretty good coverage, but you pretty well have to be on death’s door. anything not that extreme will probably not be covered.

my right ear plugged up over 2 years ago, and i’ve had severe hearing problems since then. But the test they did on me showed my hearing loss was quite a ways away from any kind of coverage. and oh yes, hearing aids start at $1200 if you are interested.

and the physiotherapy that i hoped would help with my muscular problems that led to my right ear plugging up and was exaserbated after falling on my face and twisting my neck on the pavement? oh, well that claim was rejected. they only took 3 months to get back to me to tell me that.

by the time that news came today i hardly had any reaction. i had already clued in that the coverage this system provides is for crisis situations, not what could potentially lead up to crisis situations. sigh.

ya know, i figure this lifetime is about working out and figuring out most of my problems myself. it may take me a long time to do this, but ultimately, the rewards will empower me to empower myself. ah well. such is life.