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more pigletsI have been contemplating giving up eating meat for a very long time now. I’m down to chicken, turkey and fish.  Not bad for a girl who was raised on meat packs by a hunter father, and had 4 older meat eating brothers.  Yes, we ate meat at almost every meal.

A couple of years ago I had a dream that I was looking at shelves in a living room that were covered with little ornaments, and many of them were ornaments of animals.   Everything on the shelf was alive, and I was looking at each figurine as it moved about, delighted and amazed. There was though one ornament that was not alive, and that was a little pink piggy bank (rather symbolic, don’t you think?)

So i gazed and gazed at this little piggy, almost willing it to come alive, and it did. It broke into the most wonderful sweet grin that totally delighted my heart.
I woke up thinking that it was time to give up eating these precious wonderful creatures, even though I really love the taste of bacon.   So since then I have not eaten pork.  Well, almost.

One of the things I’ve been grappling with is my belief system around eating meat.  I have a deep survival imprint that says that in order to survive and thrive nutritionally, I need to eat meat. I’ve extensively studied information ‘out there’ that affirms this point of view, such as Sally Fallon’s Nourishing Traditions. I became an expert at what was the best way to get maximum nutrition.  Now I am letting go of this point of view because that is what it is… a point of view.

I am loosening my mental grip and releasing judgements that I can’t get all the nutrition I need in other ways and from other sources than by eating animals. I am not there yet, but I am working on it.  Beliefs create reality, so I have some work to do there.

Things are changing very rapidly on Planet Earth now. Free Will is coming to Earth and that also means Free Will for the animals. Yes … no more eating animals. I have also been gradually letting go of dairy products.  Cows have had enough abuse.

Last summer I thought i would take a stab at trying out the drinking raw milk thing again.  I finally found a source that was convenient for me and the right price, and the first day I went to pick up my milk, a baby calf was bleeting behind the shed.  I was informed that this baby was not more than 2 days old and it was being separated from it’s mother so she could be milked.  i just about fell on the floor.  Why me, I said, looking up?  I tried to drink that milk, but honestly, i could feel the overwhelmingly sad emotions in that milk from the mama cow.  I cried and cried and decided I just could not continue to contribute towards the terrible reality of separating baby calves from their mother.

Major change is coming down the tube and I am doing my best, albeit not at lightening speed, to align myself with these changes. How about you?