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thRecently i heard that a Microsoft billionaire donated 50 million dollars to the U of O University fund. This really triggered me that so much money goes towards universities, and so little is donated to help the homeless with their plight.

Can you imagine what kinds of things we could do in this community for the homeless with a fund of 1 million dollars? But no, there seems to be very little flow from the rich to the poor. Where are their hearts? Not there, i would imagine.

I said to my husband after hearing this that i really needed to get some rage moving at these characters who hold so much light. I put out a request to my Spirit to help me get this rage moving. I believe on the astral we are all connected, and anything that we can get moving emotionally contributes on an energetic level to healing the planet. Then i went on with my day.

In the middle of the night while i was in a deep sleep, the stereo in our bedroom went on. This has never happened before, and there was no power outage or electrical energy bump. It did though wake me out of a very interesting dream which remained fresh in my mind that was very informative.

In the dream i am in Canada on the front lines of some kind of urban warfare. I am behind a chain link fence and there are small cluster bombs being lobbed at us. I am thinking that the purpose of these bombs is to intimidate us and give us ptsd more than to blow our brains out.

Steven Harper is there ‘supporting the troups’ and feeding them a spagetti dinner. I grab him by the scruff of the neck and give him holy hell. That’s when the music from the stereo comes blaring on and wakes me.

I thought the whole scenario was very cool because it really felt like my Spirit woke me up to inform me of the battle going on in my subconcious. It was also a great trigger for me to move my rage at one of those out there in power that i see as a major perpetrator.

We are all a microcosm of the macrocosm, and i believe what is going on in our subconscious is creating our external realities. To begin to make our subconscious conscious, we need to start getting our emotions in motion. We need to respond with how we feel about our outer reality.

This does not mean going out there and acting out or against what we see as ‘the problem’. It means getting these feelings moving in a private setting and allowing them expression … the fear, the rage, the grief about what is happening all around us.

As things continue to intensify ‘out there’, we need to get moving emotionally inside ourselves in response to this. This will have more effect on your outer reality than you can imagine.