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vancouver-skyline_1600_x_1200When I tell people I’m from Vancouver BC, so many people say ‘oh wow, I hear Vancouver is beautiful’. I smile wryly. There is so many things I feel I cannot say about Vancouver because what  I have to say is not politically correct. I grew up in Richmond. That’s where the airport is. It’s a suburb of Vancouver. I was born in 1960, so things were very different back then. I loved Vancouver. Well, except the weather, which is not very good at all, but there is no place in Canada where the weather is very good. Victoria beats Vancouver but that’s about it. The Yanks got the creme of the crop there. I went to College in Vancouver. Driving in in the mornings, looking at the snow capped peaks of the local mountains and the clear blue skies used to take my breath away. I felt lucky to be there, lucky to be alive. Vancouver was amazing and so very beautiful. But now, well, you wouldn’t want to drive into Vancouver. Oh no. It’s a horror show now. Now Vancouver has rapid transit, so when you go up Cambie Street you are on the Skytrain, and the Skytrain is underground, so you don’t see anything but the inside of a railcar where everyone is looking at their Ipads. So there is no view anymore for those going up Cambie Street. I recently came back from a trip to Vancouver from visiting my ailing Mother. Never a happy subject. I stayed in Burnaby, another VERY DENSELY POPULATED part of Vancouver, and took trains and buses to see her each day. I spent about 3 to 4 hours commuting everyday. Yeah, it was fast. Relatively. In the old days, if I had my vehicle, that trip would be an hour each way. So is it faster? If i drove in rush hour … well, i just wouldn’t. I’ve lost my big city driving skills. My reflexes are too slow for that. And the stress !!! I’d probably age several months doing the commute. No thank you. I got to experience one morning rush hour on my way back to catch my bus home.  Black ants is what i have to say.  Everyone dressed in black, scurrying around to get in trains, one after another.  And zombies everywhere!  It was halloween morning and people were dressed in costumes.  It seemed so very appropriate. And the noise!  My brother lives a stone throw away from the Skytrain.  The only time the Skytrain closes down is between 4 and 5am.  There is a permanent (just kidding!) noise in my ears after leaving Vancouver.  I will recover.  I’m not rushing back, if i can help it.  I was walking up the road I live off of the other day and looking at wonder at all the trees!  Trees everywhere!  Undeveloped land everywhere!  Fresh air!  Oh my.  I made the right decision to leave the concrete, steel and glass.  If that’s the future, I’m going back to the past!