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stormy seasChildren are the outcome of a man and a woman bonding physically and emotionally. Each child contains part of your Heart, and part of your Mates Heart. Energetically, that will always be. If your children are fighting, one of the approaches you can take is to look at what is going on within yourself around your mate (or ex mate). Are you dealing (or not dealing) with unprocessed rage around your mate? Partnerships can be difficult at the best of times (what an understatement ). If you are not dealing with how you are feeling about your partner (or ex partner), often children will reflect this back to you. Even if you aren’t together anymore, you still have feelings going through you about your ex partner. Are you looking at and feeling your feelings and processing them energetically? And by energetically, I do not mean just on a mental basis. In order to truly clear emotions from your energy field and from your body, you need to process them through sound and movement. This may mean crying, raging, or even quaking in terror. You might judge your feelings as being ‘not loving’ or ‘politically incorrect’. Anytime you judge a feeling within yourself, you stop it from vibrating and evolving. Yes, ANYTIME. Energy is energy and it goes somewhere. Often, it goes directly to our children through energetic lines from your Heart to theirs. You might feel you are a more loving person because you don’t allow yourself to be angry at your mate. Well, sorry to report but that denied energy is going somewhere, and it may be going directly into your child. Your child may be acting out your unprocessed rage at your mate and fighting with their sibling about it, or acting it out in some other way. It is often a knee-jerk reaction to look at your child and say ‘what is the problem with them?’ when in actuality, the problem is often between the parents themselves. It is also easier to do than to take direct responsibility. Then the problem is ‘out there’ and not with you. If you do this,  children can be a healing reflection for you to work with within yourself instead of just being problematic. So next time your children are fighting, take a look inside and see what’s going on. You may find the real War is inside yourself. JME