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DSCN1882 (2)This rant has been a long time coming. Today i went to an Ear Nose Throat Specialist. My right ear plugged up over 2 years ago. I have tried everything in the book to correct this problem, but so far haven’t been able to. I say so far because I don’t want to lose hope that this problem is correctable or heal-able.

This guy looked in my ear and nose and eyes, and everything looked OK, so that was that. I  told him i thought it was a torque in my cranium from a muscular imbalance i have had forever, but that was just too much to comprehend. He said my ears were clear, no wax, no blubble behind the eardrum, no polyps. So nothing he could do anything about.  But he would order a hearing test for me.

My ears were clear because I used hydrogen peroxide to clean them 3 days ago. No, he hadn’t ever tried that. (really?). Do these guys live in a bubble? Well, yes. It’s the pharmaceutical bubble they were birthed into where the only thing they take into account is the drugs they’ve been brainwashed to prescribe. They are making way too much money to look elsewhere and I have a stamp on my forehead that says ‘Ka-Ching! That’ll be $50 please!’ or whatever they make for their 10 minute visit with me.

Truth is, I had no faith that he’d be able to help me anyway.  Yes, I did do a judgement release that the medical system isn’t able to help in any real way.  My question is this :  what came first, the chicken or the egg?  Did I believe that the medical system couldn’t help me, or did my belief create the reality that the medical system couldn’t help me?  I AM SUCH A CYNIC!!!

In one month though, I will go for a hearing test and will see if the fact that I have to ask people to repeat things 5 times is measurable by the Audiologist.  I might be able to get one hearing aid with my medicare coverage.  Or maybe, I will just get a poke in the ear with a sharp stick.  Or a kick in the butt.

NEWS FLASH!  Instead of taking Claratin to clear my sinus’s like the Doc recommended, I went to our local health food store and bought a combo homeopathic and herb formula for TA DA!;  Clearing sinus’s!.  I started it yesterday and woke up with a whopping sore neck this morning.  Believe it or not, I see it as a good sign.  I really feel the homeopathic part of the formula kicked something into action and my torqued up cranium has been moving around like an inland ocean.

I’ve been working real hard on the muscular imbalance in my body, trying to get a shift in it so my eardrum, which i feel has collapsed from my cranial torque, can clear.  I don’t think I’ve ever experienced homeopathics quite so profoundly as this.  I know that in the early part of the century homeopathics were used extensively in the medical profession, until the American Medical Association basically drove them out of business.  There wasn’t enough money to be made in homeopathics!  They worked too well and too quickly.  That’s when the Pharmaceutical Industry came in and basically took over medicine,  and starting making VERY BIG MONEY through the science of denying symptoms, which they are experts at, and which WE THE PEOPLE have swallowed hook line and sinker because taking a pill is sooooo much easier than getting to the root of our physical issues.  Which may take SELF EXAMINATION and EFFORT on the part of the person having the symptoms.  Oh, gee.

So I will keep you informed if THIS IS THE CURE I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR!  Forever hopeful, I am.