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20140716_135621-1_resized_1 (2)Regularly, I take a dog I care for to a beautiful catholic church property not too far from where I live. The grounds are lovely, expansive, peaceful and manicured. There’s a stunning view of The Butte. There are three buildings on the property; the old church, the new round one that is all glass and gives a stunning view of The Butte, and a rectory where the priest lives. There’s a large parking lot, a serenity garden, and it’s all surrounded by beautiful grounds. All together i would say it’s about 15 to 20 acres of quiet seclusion.

As far as i can see, the only activity on the property is on Sundays when the congregation turns up for mass. The rest of the time the place is idle. I understand that in the past, this has been the norm. But now, in my eyes, this looks like some kind of grand opulance whose days are over. A property such as this could do so much to assist it’s community. Ideas come to mind such as community gardens, a fruit orchard, a well planned and managed grounds to house homeless people on tent platforms, access to cooking supplies, a structure where the homeless could come in on really cold nights …. you get my drift.

The idea of churches ‘tending their flocks’ seems appropriate here. With the direction the world is heading these days it seems like a solution whose time has arrived.

The new Catholic Pope is espousing quite a modern and caring doctrine these days, but is the Roman Catholic Church really ready to put their money where their mouth is?   i doubt it. Not without alot of direction from the Will of the People. And with all the ‘sins’ of the Catholic Church of the past, I think they could build a little ‘good karma’.  After all, they don’t want to end up in Hell, do they?

When i was 19 I did a 6 week tour of Europe.  I saw alot of churches and museums.  I took a running tour of the Vatican museum.  By that time I was sick of churches, so I ran and ran and ran through what seemed miles of antiquities.  The wealth the Vatican holds is …. astounding.  Why is there not pressure on The Church to share this wealth NOW.  Yes NOW, when we need it the most.  If their land and holdings and resources were used to assist, instead of just GUILT people, the help they could offer would be astounding.  And of course we can say the same about the funneling of money into The War Machine.

We are so on the verge of change.  We so need change.  We so need the Mercy of the Angels.