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Health_Balance_smallerPoor old Body. Our Bodies are really the dumping ground for everything we are avoiding emotionally. And what a mess our Bodies are in! Forever, we have looked upon our Bodies as something to be discarded at the end of our lives. We have hated our Body for getting sick and dying when our Spirits have wanted to live on forever. And we have also treated our Body with disgust and distain, see them as ‘The Problem’. Religious doctrine has supported this outlook as well. Life on Earth is our penance and we will find our true bliss in Heaven. Sorry, but I have this to say in response: what utter crap! If you don’t have some respect for your Body and treat it well, and hopefully lovingly, it ain’t gonna stick around. Vamoose. Gone. No more life on Earth. No more opportunity to evolve your issues. You’re gonna have to hang around in the ethers for your next chance, cause this is where evolution happens: on Earth. Medical science is involved in the equation of denial: how many doctors do much other than help you to deny your symptoms? Or, cut out your body parts that are no longer functional. Yes, there is some fixing and tweeking. Yes, medical science can extend your life. But it’s a desperate measure. It’s a measure that has to be taken when you have ignored your body systems long enough that your problems become systemic. Then it’s become a ‘have-to’ procedure because the imbalance in your body has become unsustainable for you to continue living. Body symptoms and pain are there to let you know something is wrong. When you go into denial about what your body is trying to tell you, body has no choice but for the problem to move to a deeper level. The deeper the problem goes, the more difficult it will be to correct. But how many of us really want to feel what is going on in our bodies? That is why we drink, smoke, escape in media, overeat … the list goes on. Cause when you really start to tune in and feel what is going on inside of yourself, there’s a riot inside. A war. And that is a good time to start noticing that the outer may just be reflecting the inner. Still …. don’t bogart that joint man! Sometimes you just need a poor man’s holiday. I certainly can’t claim superiority here. I’ve got my addictions. I work with them constantly. And sometimes I take a poor man’s holiday. But what I do notice around me, a lot, is an enormous amount of people that are completely oblivious to the denial they are in. And totally irresponsible for what is happening to their health. They go to their doctors and whine about what is wrong, that they are overweight, out of shape, and they can’t understand why their blood sugar is screwed up or they are having problems with their liver. Since I haven’t had medical insurance for 14 years, I have had to become VERY RESPONSIBLE about my health. And I’ve had my share of crisis along the way. It’s been very frightening at times, and I’ve gotten myself in some tight corners, but I lived to tell the tale. It is also great to see that a portion of the populace IS taking a lot of responsibility for their health, and choosing alternatives to what is offered to the mass populace. So all is not lost. But lets get back to body love. A few years ago I had a major health crisis. It made me aware of the split that I had with my mind and my body. I have always been a health nut, reading voracious amounts of information on diet, supplements, how to eat, how to live ‘healthy’. Still, I ended up in a health crisis. Twas then I realized that I was too much in my mind trying to ‘figure out’ how to heal my body, and not enough listening to the messages my body was trying to give me. It was a BIG lesson. I am not in crisis any longer, but I still have problems. I am determined though to continue to look for solutions, and I constantly release judgements that I won’t be able to find them, even when I become desolate after years of a chronic issue. I feel it’s very important to continue to try even when the chips are down because you don’t know when you might find the key that turns the lock in that particular door within yourself. I was hypoglycemic for 20 years, and one day I found the right solution, and I healed myself. Case in point. I am less rigid about what I eat because I realized that the judgements that I had around what I ate created the problems because of the anxiety level they would produce in me. There is so much information about food and health out there that when we take in this information it creates the very reality that we believe about it. Judgements create reality. But that conversation is for another day. Oh, there is so much to blog about! I wish you wellness! JME