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kundaliniOi! It’s been a busy summer chasing the almighty buck. For the first time in several months i have time to cool my heels and take a much needed break to be present with myself and my backed up emotions. Today after a walk I laid down on my back on the floor and allowed myself to notice just how crummy my body was feeling. A rush of emotions came up and i realized it was movement time so i closed windows, put on some music, grabbed a towel and ‘dived in’. It is immensely clearing to allow myself to ‘spew forth’ all that needs to move emotionally. I could feel the tension in my body unwind and i was able to relax much more easily after my ‘session’. Allowing myself to be triggered into my emotional expression is called ‘reaching ignition’. During these session I try not to judge anything that comes forth as expression.  Basically, i just ‘let ‘er rip’ and see what comes up. I might start with grief and end with rage, or visa versa.  Or it could be other emotions.  But basically it’s all held denied emotions and they have their own unwinding process and their own story to tell. I prefer to be proactive about letting my emotions move rather than wait for them to be triggered by an external situation.  Giving myself time to go into my body with stretching or yoga, or just lying on the floor and relaxing helps to get the process started. My Body is the holding platform for any emotions I am not clearing. By the end of summer I was feeling that i wasn’t able to take in anything external that was triggering, especially around The News. I would see a headline about Syria or Ebola and i would just know i couldn’t go there, or open to read about it. My receptive centers were full up and unless i was willing to allow myself to be triggered emotionally there I had to avoid a lot of intense subjects.  Maybe now as i do ‘catch up’ with myself I can ‘catch up’ on the present sordid state of World disasters around me.  Oh joy!  There is so much sh_t hitting the fan these days, and my own survival issues have been more than plenty to fill my palate.  Ah, life in the gravity swamp of Planet Earth! JME