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1620933_10152182945773820_349630272_n (2)Sometimes it can take a lifetime to see a pattern clearly. Yesterday was that day. I care take a 9 year old boy; pick him up from school, drive him home and supervise an hour of homework. I heard from his Mother that he had an emotional meltdown after being told he had yet even more homework to do after his usual hour after school. All I could feel was sorry for him.

Why is a 9 year old spending his free time after school doing more homework? Why isn’t he outside, with his friends, riding his bike, feeling at least a little freedom and spontaneity after 7 hours of rigidity and supervision? Alarm bells are going off in my head: what is wrong with this picture?

In my day (yes, I am of that age now), I do not remember doing homework to this level in grade 4. Where is the balance with Body and Emotions and Heart? This kind of rigidity creates a polarization to The Mind and our other 3 parts get no say in the equation. In my viewpoint this is dead wrong. This kind of imbalance and obedience is brainwashing and creates a weak, will-less and docile citizenry. And that is what they want, don’t they?

It is so radically clear to me now at my 50-ish age that this is The Agenda. Strong bodies are out of the equation (except to mold into Sports Athletes for our entertainment). Weak Bodies and Wills, Hearts with no desire or passion or clarity, numb lives in front of ipads and iphones, satellite TV’s, oblivious to the destruction happening all around us, degradation of the environment and annihilation of the species is The Agenda.

Oh please, don’t let me pop your bliss bubble and label me ‘negative’ because I make you feel bad by expressing my feelings here … wouldn’t want to do that now.

Have you seen the black iron fences that are being put up around the schools these days? Of course, it’s to ‘protect’ the children’ from all the crazies out there that are produced and spurned by a heartless society that creates mental illness through the very desperation it spawns. It won’t be hard for children to accept an incarcerated existence when they’ve grown up being closed in on by iron bars since they can remember. Heck, it will be natural! Just give them their electronic devices and they won’t even notice it!

There are many different kinds of children. Shouldn’t we be developing educational systems that serve these special needs so active, physical kinds of kids can be in an environment that supports their physicality? Every child in the public system is forced to fit into the cookie-cutter kind of system where they can be funneled into yet more university training to further disconnect themselves from their Bodies and Emotions. IT’S ALL WRONG! The whole setup is rotten. The best thing that can happen is it all falls down and we start rebuilding something radically different from the ground up.

We need a whole new approach, one that doesn’t just serve The Mind, but is designed for balance of our entire beings. BODY, EMOTIONS, HEART AND MIND, all in fair and equal balance. That is my idea of Shangri-la.