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20140711_215253-1_resized (2)Seems to me I’ve heard more stories lately of people waking at night and having a hard time getting back to sleep. What’s up with this???

I spoke to my Doctor about this (she says it’s her #1 complaint) and she gave me some information on the history of something called second sleep. Seems that before industrialization, people naturally slept in 2 stages. It was well documented in historical texts that people would usually wake after 3 to 4 hours sleep, stay up a couple of hours, and go back for another 3 to 4 hours.

With the advent of industrialization, and business owners wanting to get more for their money from their workers, the mass populace was forced to adopt an 8 hour sleep pattern. Electricity was also allowing people to stay up later.

After reading about this, I decided to accept my split shift and not sweat my wakeful periods so much. Sometimes I get up and do gentle exercises, sometimes I read, or write, and sometimes I just lay in bed and twitch and think.

Predawn is a good time to connect with Spirit, or our Spirit. It’s when the veil between the seen and the unseen is the thinnest. Sleep, I find, tends to help me figure stuff out. Things often seem clearer at that time, and I do my best thinking. So instead of drugging myself back down with herbal concoctions, I am embracing this time and accepting it. I try not to schedule stuff too early so I can sleep in if I need to. Going to bed earlier helps too.

And then there’s computers. Computers give off a blue light that messes up the melatonin levels in our brain. This in itself can disrupt our sleep patterns. I try not to use my computer after 7pm, not watch too much TV, do relaxing stretching at night or read or something that mellows me out. As well, no computers or wifi in the bedroom. I’m sure all those radio waves going through us are playing havoc with our electro-magnetic fields.

And then there’s the increased activity coming from the Sun these days. I wonder how that is affecting all of us? Seems we are heading into some intense waters on a global level and everyone is feeling it. Just surviving is getting more and more difficult. I feel like I’m running a marathon these days, like I’m trying to ride the crest of the wave not end up under it.

Oh look, it’s 6:56pm. Time to get off the computer. Hope you get a good night’s sleep all.